Humpty Dump

My name is Billy Break. I am one of the King's men who were on duty there at the wall the day Humpty-Dumpty had his great fall.

As soon as it happened, Captain Crumble gave us our orders, and we gathered up the remains of Humpty. Carl Crunch rode around picking up big round pieces. Sam Split and his horse went here and there to collect flat pieces. Fred Fracture rode off to the hardware store to buy glue. And Sheldon Shatter and I, leading our horses, walked all around the wall, our eyes on the ground, looking for any little bits of Humpty Dumpty that Crunch and Split had missed.

Only Danny Dent, the smallest of our troop of King's men, did nothing. He sat quietly on his horse, his eyes half closed, thinking, thinking....

When we had piled all the pieces we could find into a single heap, and Fracture came back from the hardware store with the glue, Captain Crumble told us to get to work gluing and sticking.

We did our best but when we were done, Humpty didn't look so good. There were holes where there shouldn't be and no holes where there should be, and many pieces that really didn't look quite right stuck together.

Our horses watched us and laughed, "whinny-hee-hee-hee", at what we had done.

Humpty was a mess. He looked like he ought to be named Humpty Dump.

And then little Danny Dent shook himself atop his horse, opened his eyes, and said, "If all the Kings horses and all the King's men can't put Humpty Dumpty together again, maybe we need to try something different!"

"What you got in mind, Danny?" we all said.

"I'll show you," he shouted as he rode off over the hill.

And then he was back in a bit pulling a little cart with something under a blanket. "What all of us could not do," he said, "Mother Goose did in a jiffy!" And he pulled from the cart a big, beautiful new goose egg.

"Good show!" cried Captain Crumble. "Get your glue, men! Get those arms and legs and lips and ears and eyes and nose and hair, and let's get to sticking!"

And with that, all the King's men and all the King's horses— with a little help from Mother Goose—put Humpty Dumpty together again.



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