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Bo-Peep had her flock back, all thirteen of them, and she had found their missing tails, but she was puzzled: How do you put a tail back on a sheep?
And did the sheep really need their tails? It occurred to Bo-Peep that sheep tails are not much use. They're too short to flick flies with like a horse's tail or to hang from like a monkey's tail.

"Do you really need your tails?" she asked the flock.

A young ram—which is a guy sheep—looked back over his shoulder and said, "It gets kinda cold baaack there without it."

The rest of the flock chimed in: "We miss our tails, Bo-Peep. Miss them baaadly."

So Bo-Peep would have to reattach the tails. "Go ahead and pick out your tails and I'll stick them back on you somehow," she said.

There was some baaaing and maaaing and much shrugging of wooly shoulders. Sue, a pretty little ewe—which is a girl sheep— said, "Trouble is, Bo-Peep, our tails are always behind us, where we can't see them. I wouldn't know my own tail from a feather duster."

"Yes," said a ram named Sam. "I can spot a tail here and there that I know belongs to some other sheep, but I can't tell you what my own tail looks like."

"All right," Bo-Peep said. "Then let's see how many tails you can pick out for each other."

There was much baaaing and maaaing and comments like, "That feels a little bit draaaggy." and "No waaay is that ugly thing my tail." and "I'd feel really saaad with a tail like this."

But when they were done, all the sheep had found tails that suited them, and now Bo-Peep had to figure out how to fasten the tails on.

"How about pins?" she asked an old ewe named Lulu. "I know of a game called pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. Will that work for sheep?"

"Ouch," Lulu said. "Pin it to what? Underneath all this wool is just me, and I'm not in favor of having pins stuck in me."

"Well, then, Lulu," Bo-Peep said, "we'll try glue." And with that she dipped Lulu's loose tail in a glue pot and slapped it on her.

But at just that moment Lulu moved a little and the tail wound up sticking out of her hip, where it waggled for a time and then fell off to the ground.

"Oh-oh," Bo-Peep said. "I guess glue won't do. I'll try a clip." And with that she chose another ewe and used a handful of paper clips and hair clips to fasten on her tail.

But when the ewe turned its head to look at the tail, it too fell off onto the ground.

"Oh-oh," Bo-Peep said. "I guess clips slip. I'll try a needle and thread. And with that she collared a ram and sewed on his tail.

The ram was pleased with the tail and gave it a little shake, but some of the stitches unraveled, and the tail was left hanging by a thread.

"Oh-oh," Bo-Peep said. "I guess sewing's only so-so. And I can't think of anything else to try. Any of you sheep have any ideas?"

There was much baaaing and maaaing and then one ancient ewe, the oldest and wisest of them all, said: "If you are going to stick our tails back onto our wool, which is after all just hair, we need to think of the stickiest thing there is in hair and then use that."

"That's easy," Sue said, laughing haaa,haaa, haaa. "What about my little brother? No way I can ever get him out of my hair. Follows me everywhere."

"Naaah" the flock said.

Sam said, "Sheep dip?"

"Naaah" the flock said.

A ewe said, "Cockleburs?"

"Naaah" the flock said.

Bo-Pep shook her head at all these suggestions. And then she remembered once walking down a street in the city near a bus stop. "I've got it!" she said and ran off to the store where she bought thirteen brightly-colored little packages and returned with them to the flock.

Sheep are really fine chewers, and within minutes, Bo-Peep began to walk among them. As she passed each sheep, it delivered a wad of bubble gum into her left hand, which she then slapped onto its rear, following it with the tail she held in her right hand.

In minutes—left hand, right hand, left hand, right hand—she was done, and she was off into the meadow with her flock, who were once again wagging their tails behind them but now also smelling a little of Double Bubble grape.



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