The Only True Mother Goose Melodies
by Anonymous - page 25

Robert Barns, fellow fine,
Can you shoe this horse of mine,
So that I may cut a shine?
Yes, good sir, and that I can,
As well as any other man;
There a nail, and here a prod,
And now, good sir, you horse is shod.

Hey ding a ding, ding, I heard a bird sing,
The parliament soldiers are gone to the king.

Pibroch of Donnel Dhu,
Pibroch of Donnel,
Wake thy voice anew,
Summon Clan-Connel.
Come away, come away,
Hark to the summons!
Come in your war array,
Gentles and commons!

Come as the winds come,
When forests are rended,
Come as the waves come,
When navies are stranded.
Faster come, faster come, faster and faster,
Chief, vassal, page and groom,
Tenent and master.

Fast they come, fast they come,
See how they gather!
Wide waves the eagle plume blended with heather.
Cast your plaids, draw your blades,
Forward each man set!
Pibroch of Donnel Dhu, now for the onset!

Jack Sprat could eat no fat;
His wife could eat no lean;
So 'twixt them both they cleared the cloth,
And lick'd the platter clean.

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