The Only True Mother Goose Melodies
by Anonymous - page 21

Jemmy Jed went into a shed,
And made a ted of straw his bed;
An owl came out and flew about,
And Jimmy Jed up stakes and fled.
Wasn't Jimmy Jed a staring fool,
Born in the woods to be scar'd by an owl?

How many miles to Babylon?
Threescore miles and ten.
Can I get there by candle-light?
Yes, and back again.


Oh I am so happy,
A little girl said,
As she sprang like a lark
From her low trundle bed.
It is morning, bright morning,
Good morning, Papa!
Oh give me one kiss,
For good morning, Mamma!

Trip upon trenchers,
And dance upon dishes,
My mother sent me for yeast, some yeast,
She bid me tread lightly,
And come again quickly,
For fear the young men would play me some jest.

Yet didn't you see, yet didn't you see,
What naughty tricks they put upon me?
They broke my pitcher, and spilt my water,
And huff'd my mother, and chid her daughter,
And kissed my sister instead of me.

What's the news of the day,
Good neighbor, I pray?
They say the balloon
Has gone up to the moon.

There was an old man in a velvet coat,
He kiss'd a maid and gave her groat;
The groat was crack'd and would not go.
Ah, old man, do you serve me so?

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