The Only True Mother Goose Melodies
by Anonymous - page 16

How many days has my baby to play?
Saturday, Sunday, Monday,
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,
Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Pat a cake, pat a cake,
Baker's man!
So I do, master, as fast as I can.
Pat it, and prick it,
And mark it with T,
And then it will serve
For Tommy and me.


There was a man and he had naught,
And robbers came to rob him;
He crept up to the chimney top,
And then they thought they had him.
But he got down on t'other side,
And then they could not find him:
He ran fourteen miles in fifteen days,
And never look'd behind him.

Ding--dong--bell, the cat's in the well,
Who put her in? little Johnny Green.
Who pulled her out? great Johnny Stout.
What a naughty boy was that,
To drown poor pussy cat;
Who never did him any harm,
And killed the mice in his father's barn.


Lazy Tom with jacket blue,
Stole his father's gouty shoe.
The worst of harm that dad can wish him,
Is his gouty shoe may fit him.

Bonny lass! bonny lass!
Will you be mine?
You shall neither wash dishes
Nor serve the wine,
But sit on a cushion and sew up a seam,
And you shall have strawberries, sugar, and cream.

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