The Only True Mother Goose Melodies
by Anonymous - page 14


The little black dog ran round the house,
And set the bull a roaring,
And drove the monkey in the boat,
Who set the oar a rowing,
And scared the cock upon the rock,
Who cracked his throat with crowing.

Oh, what a sweet little white Mouse!
Oh, what a dear little bright Mouse!
With his eyes of pink,
Going winky-wink,
Oh, what a sweet little white Mouse.

My little Pink,
I suppose you think,
I cannot do without you,
I'll let you know
Before I go,
How little I care about you.

Tell tale tit, your tongue shall be slit,
And all the dogs in our town shall have a bit.

Saturday night shall be my whole care
To powder my locks and curl my hair;
On Sunday morning my love will come in
And marry me then with a pretty gold ring.

Dear Sensibility, O la!
I heard a little lamb cry, baa!
Says I, "So you have lost mamma?"

The little lamb, as I said so,
Frisking about the fields did go,
And, frisking, trod upon my toe.

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