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Mother Goose rhymes, computer games & crafts

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who was
Mother Goose?
who was Mother Goose?
Mother Goose History
Mother Goose Story

Louisa May Alcott
Jack and Jill by Louisa May Alcott
Jack & Jill audio book
listen and find more!

needlepoint game
catch falling stitches
cross stitch embroidery game
xStitch, cross stitch
embroidery game

Kate Douglas Wiggin,
a favorite author
diary of a goose girl
Diary of a Goose Girl
- a country love affair

comic book game

MG Chronicles #1
an interactive comic

flower matching
contrary Mary and her flowers
Mary Matching
memory game

Jack Sprat
contrary Mary and her flowers
and Mrs. Sprat
lick the platter clean!

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