Freeze Your Herbs!
Preserve fresh herbs by freezing them into ice cubes.

How to Preserve your Herbs by Making Herb Ice Cubes
Nothing is nicer for soups and sauces than fresh herbs.  Now you can add parsely, basil, mint and other tasty green herbs to your dishes all year round.  When you've picked a nice big bunch of green herb, make a "smoothie" in your blender of the herbs and water. Then pour into ice cube trays and freeze.  Just drop a cube or two into your favorite sauce or soup as it simmers to add a flavorful, fresh herb taste.

pick a bunch of your favorite herb
Pick a bunch of parsley or other herb. Rinse clean. No need to dry it.

put herb in blender with water
Fill blender with herb. Add a 1/2 cup or so of water.

blend into an herb smoothie
Push the button and watch your mixture blend into an herb smoothie.

pour into ice cube trays
Pour the blended herbs into ice cube trays.
A full blender will fill two trays. Place into freezer.

it's kind of messy!
Store herb cubes in the trays, or empty into ziploc bags, perhaps two to a snack-size bag, ready to use as needed.

drop cubes into simmering recipes
While your sauce, soup or stew is simmering, drop in a couple of cubes for a fresh and tasty green herb addition!



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