Teach the Alphabet with free Alphabet Clip art!  Learn the Alphabet with matching pictures for each letter. Each vintage clip art image has been digitally hand-colored and transformed by Leslie Wilson.

To Download our free Vintage Alphabet Pictures Clip Art, just right mouse click (or press mouse button down, or tap) over any alphabet letter image and choose
"Save Picture As..."
Make note of where you saved the alphabet letter image on your local hard drive so you can find it again later!

Vintage Alphabet Pictures Clip Art -
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hoop and boy
letter H clip art

ice cream cone
Ice Cream 
letter I clip art

ice cube man
letter I clip art

man and woman on island
letter I clip art

ring, bracelet necklace jewels & jewelry
letter J clip art

girl jumping with jump rope
Jump rope letter J clip art

letter K clip art

man with giant key
letter K clip art

letter K clip art

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vintage alphabet clip art

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This collection of 100 pixel x 100 pixel Alphabet Images is by Leslie Wilson. There is a picture for each letter of the Alphabet. Each vintage clip art illustration has been digitally hand-colored, transformed, and rerendered with fractal backgrounds produced using the amazing Kai Power Tools.