Free 3D Clip Art for Creative Kids

Post these 3D pictures on your web pages, social network page or attach to emails. Print out 3D clips for scrapbook pages, greeting cards, and your personal creative projects.To Download our free 3D Clip Art, just right mouse click over any image and choose "Save Picture As..."
Make note of where you saved the image on your local hard drive so you can find it again later!  
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3D Humpty Dumpty 1

3D Humpty Dumpty 2

3D Humpty Dumpty 3

3D Humpty Dumpty 4

3D Humpty Dumpty 5

3D Humpty Dumpty 6

3D sheep lamb 1

3D sheep lamb 2

3D sheep lamb 3

3D sheep lamb 4

3D sheep lamb 5

3D sheep lamb 6

snow fairy turn frame 1

snow fairy turn frame 2

snow fairy turn frame 3

snow fairy turn frame 4


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